American Hustle – Movie Review


I am guessing that The Batman Trilogy was almost like a life changing experience for Christian Bale in terms of his acting abilities. That could probably be the only reason that he is able to come up with awesome acting performances one after the other after he has finished the trilogy.

The latest in his lovely list of movies is American Hustle, which is set in the swinging 70s and features the story of a duo of con-artists.

Read the entire review of this movie here.


One thought on “American Hustle – Movie Review

  1. Excellent review. I generally agree. A very fun movie indeed. It has some flaws, but it is very, very entertaining.

    I will say I never personally wondered what Sydney was doing. SPOILER ALERT: The opening scene where she fixes Irving’s toupee showed me she cared for him. A lot. Then, in the flashback scenes, we saw her flatly tell Irving her plan to seduce Richie. I just assumed she was doing exactly what she said she was going to do, and that Irving was needlessly jealous.

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