This blog is intended to publicize my posts related to cinema in general and movie reviews in particular. Being a huge movie buff, I realized that writing about cinema provide me with an outlet to pour out my feelings about the latest movie that I just watched.

Over the course of the years that I started writing Movie Reviews I have noticed that as time went by I became more and more appreciate of the art of movie making and therefore my reviews went from being relatively naive (read some of my earliest movie reviews) to being a little more personal in nature. Nowadays I am able to relate different movies to each other based on a theme, movie characters from different movies based on their characterizations, how actors portray different roles in various movies, etc.

By no means is this blog intended to be a critique of the movies that I watch, but I treat it as a window for my readers to get to know a few things that I liked about the movies I watch, and a few things I don’t like about them as well.

My primary blog remains Mahabore’s Mumblings (http://mahabore.wordpress.com) where I will put up  my non cinema related posts.


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