The Rankings game

It’s that time of the year when magazines like Outlook, Businessworld and Business Today hike up their circulation figures by publishing the annual farce that they like to call “Ranking of Business Schools”. In fact Businessworld goes one step further and prints a fat book called “How to get into the best B Schools in 2005”. Ha, if only they knew what actually happens inside a B School.

Personally, now that I’m inside a B School, it is my opinion that it is very hard to judge how good/bad a B School is based on a questionnaire, no matter how comprehensive it is. It takes more than just analyzing a few answers and a few quantitative statistics to determine the true worth of a B School. If only they could find a way to gauge the quality of the human capital that is currently present and is being generated for the future by B Schools, can they do any sort of ranking to these schools.

So anybody reading this blog is encouraged to go out there and spread the word that this ranking game is all bullshit and is just an amazing marketing exercise to improve the circulation figures of these magazines, at least for one issue.

Rankingly yours……………Jamster


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