Bangalore Habba – a primer

My friend Abhishek just called me from back home to give me a painful remainder of just exactly what I was missing by being here at Indore. He called me up from Cubbon Park at Bangalore to help me listen to a local rock band playing a Metallica cover at Bangalore Habba 2004.

To give you a brief background Bangalore Habba is a cultural festival where the city of Bangalore celebrates being what it is, Bangalore. The festival involves a whole lot of cultural events happening all over the city ranging from theatre plays, music concerts, rock concerts, fashion shows, yakshaganas – traditional folk plays, and a helluva lot of other unique Bangalorean events.

Last year, my friends and me were fortunate enough to be in time for a mock rock concert which was held at Cubbon Park wherein some amateur bands were trying their luck at Metallica and Pink Floyd cover versions. Although they weren’t great, they still tried gamely, and kudos to them for that.

In any case, the Habba is all about the people coming out and enjoying the wonderful weather, and the lovely sights and sounds that the good ol’ city has to offer. Man, do I miss being in Bangalore during Habba time or what.



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