Knowledge or grades – the quintessential debate

Although it’s been quite some time since I first came across the concepts of Present Values of Investments, Discount factors, Rates of return, and the like, this time around when these concepts are being taught in the class, I’m beginning to see them in an entirely new light.

I guess part of this newness can be attributed to the fact that I probably am a bit more aware of the minor nuances of the financial world and its workings this time around than I was the last time I came across these concepts.

Another probable reason for the newness could also be the fact that this time around, after I’ve stepped into IIM Indore, I’ve made a conscious effort to understand whatever I’m reading rather than just read it, comprehend it and forget it after a short while. I ensure that most of the stuff I read nowadays is retained in my mind for the maximum possible time.

This leads to another dilemma. What do I read and how much of it I read is purely dependent on how important it is from a knowledge point of view vis-à-vis a grade point of view. I guess the art of drawing a balance between these two extremely divergent viewpoints is an art which being at a B-School teaches you very well.

Cheers for now…………………Jamster


One thought on “Knowledge or grades – the quintessential debate

  1. Jam,I accept that there is sometimes a trade-off between knowledge and grades. I personally have suffered from this dilemma. But then again, these 2 things also complement each other. Sometimes we force ourselves to read because of the approaching exams (and the grades associated with them). This rapid reading also leaves few marks in our brains that help to enrich ourselves.

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